Vehicle energy consumption and production simulator
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Vehicle energy consumption and production simulator. This tool has been created by Vélo solaire pour tous for simulating the vhélio behavior, but is designed to be easy to adapt to other vehicles.

Using the simulator

The easiest way is to use the online simulator.

You can also download the latest pre-built stand-alone version and open vhelio-simulator.html in your web browser. When executed in this way, the program will run in your browser, but won't communicate with any server, this is a purely local application.

Building from source


The simulator is written in typescript, whose compiler depends on node.js. There are a few other build scripts that also need node.js.

The first step is to install node.js

Then go in the simulator folder and run this command: npm install. This will install all the npm modules listed in package.json, including the typescript compiler.


Execute npm run build from the simulator directory.

That's it, you can now open simulator/www/vhelio-simulator.html in your browser.