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IanF d698f10a08 Upload files to '' 5 years ago
IanF 1a0eda0d59 Upload files to '' 5 years ago
Youen Toupin b61587aa7b re-arranged folders to follow Arduino IDE 1.5 specifications 6 years ago
Youen Toupin 0867eccc3a fixed vscode intellisens 6 years ago
ntruchsess 5b3c090601 rearange as arduino-lib 8 years ago
ntruchsess ad86c43611 move register-access to LowLevel.h, add support for ATtiny85 8 years ago
Youen Toupin 216fcf8cb5 - methods that don't write memory now take const parameters 9 years ago
Youen Toupin c0a183c769 finished implementation of most important 1-wire functionalities 9 years ago
Youen Toupin 2294595995 - fixed bug in Pin::attachInterrupt (this is an arduino bug : interrupts that have been triggered before the handler is attached will cause it to be called immediately ; but only interrupts happening after should call the handler) 9 years ago
Youen Toupin 22e5d690a0 refactoring (wip) 9 years ago
Youen Toupin 03c2f0afd3 implemented reset detection 9 years ago