FreeCAD workbench to create assembly handbooks
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import FreeCADGui as Gui
global ahb_commands
ahb_commands = {}
class AHB_CommandWrapper:
def __init__(self, command_name):
self.command_name = command_name
def __getattr__(self, attrName):
instance = ahb_commands[self.command_name]
result = getattr(instance, attrName)
if callable(result):
# replace self
def f(*args, **kwargs): return result.__func__(instance, *args, **kwargs)
return f
return result
def addGuiCommand(command_name, command_instance):
#print(("adding" if not command_name in ahb_commands else "updating") + " command " + command_name)
ahb_commands.update({ command_name: command_instance })
Gui.addCommand(command_name, AHB_CommandWrapper(command_name))
def listGuiCommands():
return ahb_commands.keys()