FreeCAD workbench to create assembly handbooks
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import FreeCADGui as Gui
import FreeCAD as App
class AHB_SetViewDirection:
def GetResources(self):
return {"MenuText": "Set view direction",
"ToolTip": "Applies the current 3D view direction on the selected TechDraw view",
"Pixmap": ""
def IsActive(self):
view = self._get_view()
return view is not None
def Activated(self):
workbench = Gui.getWorkbench("AssemblyHandbookWorkbench") #: :type workbench: AssemblyHandbookWorkbench
view = self._get_view()
if view is None:
raise Exception("Please select a TechDraw view")
def _get_view(self):
view = None if len(Gui.Selection.getSelection()) == 0 else Gui.Selection.getSelection()[0]
if view is not None and view.TypeId != 'TechDraw::DrawViewPart':
view = None
return view
from ahb_command import AHB_CommandWrapper
AHB_CommandWrapper.addGuiCommand('AHB_view_set_direction', AHB_SetViewDirection())