FreeCAD workbench to create assembly handbooks
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import FreeCADGui as Gui
import FreeCAD as App
class AHB_View_Annotate:
def GetResources(self):
return {"MenuText": "Annotate view",
"ToolTip": "Annotates a TechDraw view with object names",
"Pixmap": ""
def IsActive(self):
return True
def Activated(self):
workbench = Gui.getWorkbench("AssemblyHandbookWorkbench") #: :type workbench: AssemblyHandbookWorkbench
if len(Gui.Selection.getSelection()) != 1:
raise Exception("Please select exactly one TechDraw view")
view = Gui.Selection.getSelection()[0]
if view.TypeId != 'TechDraw::DrawViewPart':
raise Exception("Selected object is not a TechDraw view")
doc = view.Document
page = workbench.techDrawExtensions.getViewPage(view)
if page is None:
raise Exception("Can't find page in which the selected view is located")
# Remove balloons referencing missing objects
for balloon in page.Views:
if balloon.TypeId == 'TechDraw::DrawViewBalloon' and "Assembly_handbook_Source" in balloon.PropertiesList:
if balloon.SourceView != view: continue
partLink = workbench.techDrawExtensions.getBalloonSourcePart(balloon)
if partLink is None or partLink not in view.XSource:
ref_name = "<no ref>"
ref_name = balloon.Assembly_handbook_Source[1]
print(balloon.Name + " references missing object " + ref_name + ", removing balloon")
for partLink in view.XSource:
balloon = None
# Search an existing balloon to update
for obj in page.Views:
if obj.TypeId == 'TechDraw::DrawViewBalloon' and workbench.techDrawExtensions.getBalloonSourcePart(obj) == partLink:
if obj.SourceView != view: continue
balloon = obj
# Create a new balloon if needed
if balloon is None:
partName = partLink.Name
balloonName = partName + "_Balloon"
balloon = doc.addObject("TechDraw::DrawViewBalloon", balloonName)
balloon.SourceView = view
balloon.addProperty("App::PropertyXLink", "Assembly_handbook_Source", "Assembly_handbook")
balloon.Assembly_handbook_Source = (partLink, partLink.Name)
balloon.addProperty("App::PropertyFloat", "Assembly_handbook_OriginOffsetX", "Assembly_handbook")
balloon.addProperty("App::PropertyFloat", "Assembly_handbook_OriginOffsetY", "Assembly_handbook")
balloon.X = int(balloon.OriginX) + 20
balloon.Y = int(balloon.OriginY) + 20
if not workbench.techDrawExtensions.isNewPartInView(view, partLink):
balloon.ViewObject.Visibility = False
from ahb_command import AHB_CommandWrapper
AHB_CommandWrapper.addGuiCommand('AHB_view_annotate', AHB_View_Annotate())