FreeCAD workbench to create assembly handbooks
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import FreeCADGui as Gui
import FreeCAD as App
class AHB_New_Step:
def GetResources(self):
return {"MenuText": "New Step",
"ToolTip": "Creates a page for the next step (first, select the view of the preceding step, if any)",
"Pixmap": ""
def IsActive(self):
return True
def Activated(self):
import re
import os
import sys
from PySide.QtCore import QTimer
workbench = Gui.getWorkbench("AssemblyHandbookWorkbench") #: :type workbench: AssemblyHandbookWorkbench
if len(Gui.Selection.getSelection()) > 1:
raise Exception("Please either select exactly one TechDraw view, or nothing at all")
prev_view = None if len(Gui.Selection.getSelection()) == 0 else Gui.Selection.getSelection()[0]
if prev_view is not None and prev_view.TypeId != 'TechDraw::DrawViewPart':
raise Exception("Selected object is not a TechDraw view")
doc = App.ActiveDocument if prev_view is None else prev_view.Document
freecad_path = os.path.normpath(os.path.dirname(sys.executable) + '/..') # 'usr' absolute path
if prev_view is None:
step_number = 1
keep_updated = False
template_file_name = freecad_path + '/share/Mod/TechDraw/Templates/A4_Landscape_blank.svg'
parent_group = None
prev_page = workbench.techDrawExtensions.getViewPage(prev_view)
prev_page_group = prev_page.getParentGroup()
if prev_page_group is not None:
parent_group = prev_page_group.getParentGroup()
keep_updated = prev_page.KeepUpdated
template_file_name = prev_page.Template.Template
numbers = re.findall(r'\d+', prev_page.Label)
if len(numbers) == 0: prev_number = 0
else: prev_number = max(1, int(numbers[-1]))
step_number = prev_number + 1
step_num_str = str(step_number).zfill(3)
group = doc.addObject('App::DocumentObjectGroup', 'Etape' + step_num_str)
if parent_group is not None:
page_name = 'Etape' + step_num_str + '_Page'
page = doc.addObject('TechDraw::DrawPage', page_name)
if page.KeepUpdated != keep_updated: page.KeepUpdated = keep_updated
template = doc.addObject('TechDraw::DrawSVGTemplate', 'Template')
template.Template = template_file_name
page.Template = template
view = doc.addObject('TechDraw::DrawViewPart', 'View')
view.Perspective = False
view.CoarseView = True
view.addProperty("App::PropertyString", "Assembly_handbook_PreviousStepView", "Assembly_handbook")
if prev_view is None:
view.Assembly_handbook_PreviousStepView = prev_view.Name
view.X = prev_view.X
view.Y = prev_view.Y
view.Direction = prev_view.Direction
view.XDirection = prev_view.XDirection
view.ScaleType = prev_view.ScaleType
view.Scale = prev_view.Scale
view.XSource = prev_view.XSource
# search for views after the prev view to relink them after the new view (i.e. we insert the new view as an intermediate step)
# TODO: re-number next steps if needed
if prev_view is not None:
for obj in doc.Objects:
if obj != view and obj.TypeId == 'TechDraw::DrawViewPart' and 'Assembly_handbook_PreviousStepView' in obj.PropertiesList and obj.Assembly_handbook_PreviousStepView == prev_view.Name:
obj.Assembly_handbook_PreviousStepView = view.Name
print(obj.Label + ' has been moved after the new step')
if len(view.XSource) > 0:
from ahb_command import AHB_CommandWrapper
AHB_CommandWrapper.addGuiCommand('AHB_new_step', AHB_New_Step())