FreeCAD workbench to create assembly handbooks
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import os
import FreeCADGui as Gui
import FreeCAD as App
class AHB_ExportCsv:
def GetResources(self):
return {"MenuText": "CSV export",
"ToolTip": "Export part list as a CSV file",
"Pixmap": ""
def IsActive(self):
return True
def Activated(self):
doc = App.activeDocument()
fileName: str = doc.FileName
if fileName is None:
raise BaseException("You must save your FreeCAD document before exporting to CSV")
csvFileName = os.path.splitext(fileName)[0] + ".csv"
print("Exporting parts to CSV file " + csvFileName + "...")
def readProp(obj, prop, default):
if prop in obj.PropertiesList:
return obj.getPropertyByName(prop)
return default
parts = []
obj: App.DocumentObject
for obj in doc.Objects:
if obj.TypeId in ['Part::Feature', 'App::Part']:
if obj.TypeId == 'App::Part' and ('Base_Reference' not in obj.PropertiesList or obj.Base_Reference == ''):
parent = obj.Parents[0][0] if len(obj.Parents) > 0 else None
if parent is not None and parent.TypeId != 'App::Part':
parent = None
if parent is not None and 'Base_Reference' in parent.PropertiesList and parent.Base_Reference != "":
parts.append((readProp(obj, 'Base_Layer', '').replace(',', '-') + "," + readProp(obj, 'Base_Reference', '').replace(',', '-'), obj.Label.replace(',', '-')))
export_layer_name = False
with open(csvFileName, 'w', encoding='utf8') as csvFile:
if export_layer_name:
csvFile.write("Reference, First object name, Quantity\n")
quantity = 0
prevPart = parts[0]
for partIdx in range(len(parts) + 1):
part = parts[partIdx] if partIdx < len(parts) else ("eof", "eof")
if part[0] == prevPart[0]:
quantity += 1
if export_layer_name:
csvFile.write(prevPart[0] + ",")
csvFile.write(prevPart[0].split(',')[1] + ",")
csvFile.write(prevPart[1] + "," + str(quantity) + "\n")
quantity = 1
prevPart = part
print("CSV file exported")
from ahb_command import AHB_CommandWrapper
AHB_CommandWrapper.addGuiCommand('AHB_exportCsv', AHB_ExportCsv())